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Autoportait à La Bouteille

Self-portrait, Avignon - September 2010

I have lived in Provence (an area between Alps mountains and the Mediterranean) for 30 years.

I am a photography enthusiast and a hiker. These two passions give me the opportunity to explore the citizens, landscapes, fauna, and flora of this beautiful region.

The images displayed on Couleur du Sud will give you a good overview of this amazingly varied place.

I hope you like discovering the sights I have prepared for you.

Enjoy your tour, and I am looking forward to seeing you back soon!

While creating large format prints for my family, I realized that this step had a lasting impact on my perception as a photographer. The combined visual and tactile feelings give a photograph an extra dimension. To hold an image one loves in one’s hands and to appreciate it, framed and printed on high quality paper, adds an appealing element to the work.

The print has become the very purpose of my creative process, of my commitment. Should one or the other image shown on speak to you, I wish to offer you the possibility of purchasing it as a numbered and signed art print.

Bio Matted B W

"Blacksmith" - matted - July 2014

I personally produce every print with great care and a passion for detail in a digital lab of professional level.

To facilitate usage, each print is delivered with a mat whose outside dimensions correspond to a standard frame size. This mat may be easily removed if necessary.

For other destinations, please get in touch with me through the contact page.

Enjoy your stay and I’m looking forward to seeing you back soon!

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