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Today, five themes structure the site: Art, landscapeAnimal Life,Black & White and Panorama. Each theme puts up its own slideshow using a few images from the selected theme and the galleries available for the theme. 

Archi Vaccares

Landscape: Vaccarès pond at dusk, Camargue - Oct. 2014

The Art theme provides you with 3 galleries:

  • As its name suggests, Antiquity shows you photographs related to the Roman period of history, very usual in Provence.
  • Architecture studies monuments built from Middle-Ages to the present-day.
  • Sculpture shows images of statuary works, decorative mascarons and bas-reliefs.
Archi Prince

Child portrait: marble found in Arles amphitheater - © Didier Devèze - Dec. 2009

For the Landscape theme, I suggest a journey from the Mediterranean shores to the slopes of Hautes-Alpes. To date, three galleries are available:

  • In the Frioul archipelago, a stone's throw from Marseille, you will discover powerful and untouched nature.
  • Camargue, in the Rhône delta, offers you many landscapes, some made or preserved by man. Typical fauna and flora thrive in the Natural Reserve.
  • After the Camargue, which does not extend more than a few meters in height, I will take you into the area of Aix-en-Provence, where we will discover the Sainte-Victoire mountain, with photographs shoot at different moment of times of the year.
Archi Sainte Victoire

Sainte-Victoire mountain from Cengle barrier - © Didier Devèze - May 2013

To illustrate the Animal Life theme, we shall view pictures taken in three different habitats: flying, walking and swimming animals, somewhere in Provence:

  • They live with us, sometimes they adopted us. I enjoyed photographing several of our four-legged companions, Cats and Dogs
  • The In the Air gallery shows many birds that live in our plains and our mountains, or simply migrate through Camargue. Some of them will surprise you.
  • In the At eye level gallery, you can discover animals (some very small) living in the woods and the fields of Provence.
  • Under Water presents you an insight of the aquatic fauna visible in Provence.
Archi Loups

Mediterranean Sea Bass, Monaco - © Didier Devèze - Feb. 2009

The Black & White section offers photographs originally taken with this creative medium in mind. Three galleries illustrate this theme:

  • Urban landscape shows photographs of cities, villages, architecture and sculptures.
  • Human nature looks at people's pursuits, indoors and outdoors, alone or in groups. A few portraits are also included.
  • Wildlife & Pets offers animals portraits.

Basin in Côté Sud exhibition, Aix-en-Provence - june 2008

Panorama offers two new wide print formats:

  • "Large" presents Color or Black & White images meant to be printed at 8" x 24"
  • "eXtra-Large" contains high resoluition photographs enabling art prints of 17" x 37", for example for 20" x 40" framing.
Sainte Victoire Sous La Neige 1 Site Map

Montagne Sainte-Victoire under the snow - February 2013

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